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Hotel Owner Jeffery Klein
By Jeanne Souders
Photography by Todd Eberle & Peter Rosshires

At the City Club Hotel in New York City, you’re not just a guest in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, you’re a member of an exclusive group -- one that’s discerning, upscale and eschews the latest “in spot” to where everyone flocks in hopes of sharing an address with status set. Don’t get me wrong, the glitterati abound at City Club, but as in any private, elite group, it’s not announced.

Constructed in 1904 and located in the historic club row near Manhattan’s theatre district, owner Jeff Klein says that his hotel was created upon the concept where he had to “envision the clientele and build around their needs rather than constructing a building and simply finding people to fill it.” He certainly fulfilled his promise with attention to even the most simple, yet important, details. Within the intimate lobby, the check in process is efficient and seamless. A member of the astute and pleasant staff escorts you to your room, then hands you a set of personalized business cards, embossed with your name and the City Club Hotel phone number – a unique amenity I’ve yet to experience elsewhere.

The real delight is in the guestroom where you’ll find a combination of old world class with modern luxury. Designed by the renowned Jeffrey Bilhuber whose elite client list includes David Bowie and Michael Douglas, the rooms include oversized upholstered banquettes with luxurious chairs and ultra-comfortable beds adorned in Frette linens. With design being the main focal point of this unusually large space, the necessities are artfully hidden. You’ll find your television hidden behind a smoked mirror or a large original artwork and your closet and mini bar tucked neatly behind a subdued door.

For me, the gold ribbon on this nicely wrapped package was the spacious bathroom constructed of sensuously rich brown marble and beautiful chrome fixtures. I could’ve spent hours in the large shower; after all, it’s not everyday one gets to pamper themselves with a selection of the citrus aromas and luxurious textures of Hermes bath products.

If you manage to emerge from the comfort of your room at City Club Hotel, please do pay a visit to its exquisite restaurant, DB. Owned and operated by culinary idol Daniel Boulud, this understated, yet elegant French bistro provides the definitive dining experience. The menu, organized by main ingredient, is sublime with its traditional fare, but this cuisine aficionado found unfounded pleasure in the innovative DB burger, complete with a foie gras center that leaves you begging for more.

An exclusive treasure, one you may want to keep to yourself or share with only your best friend, the City Club Hotel is a discreet, prestigious oasis that cannot be missed. Visit City Club Hotel for more information and your entrée into this elegant locale.

Photography by Todd Eberle and Peter Rosshires
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