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Ed and Lynn Hogan, Founders of
Pleasant Hawaiian Vacations
Diamond Head overlooks the beaches
of Waikiki
The Famous Banyan Tree and Pool

While Hawaii may serve as a dream destination for many East Coast and Midwesterners, the opportunity to experience the "aloha spirit" and the sheer beauty of Hawaii has never been more varied and simple. First-time travelers will find that the perceived barriers to Hawaiian travel are absolute misconceptions. Gone are the days full of long flights, long layovers, and complicated vacation planning, only to arrive at islands overwhelmed with tourists. The answer lies within the extremely efficient vacation packages of Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays, the leading travel company to Hawaii. With experience in taking over 5 million people to the "Aloha State," travel packages cover airfare and accommodations at a great value, with customized options to serve any traveler's needs - whether it be the simplest budget or the most deluxe requirements. One such vacation began on a Pleasant Hawaiian wide-bodied, non-stop "Air Cruise," that boasted meals, movies, tropical drinks, Hawaiian music and live entertainment.

The Sheraton Moana Surfrider
First stop was the island of Oahu and the beaches of Waikiki, with the spectacular Diamond Head in the background. Known as the "First Lady of Waikiki", the Sheraton Moana Surfrider sits oceanfront. Elegant and historical, recent award-winning renovations preserve both the history of the Resort and the historical past of the island. With a rich colonial interior and expansive Banyan Tree framing the view to the ocean, the Resort recalls past eras and the hospitality of the "aloha spirit" prevails from dawn 'til dusk. Surfers greet the morning waves just outside, while in the evening, shoppers, strollers, and people-watchers alike fill the restaurants, fine designer shops of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, and the International Marketplace on Kalakaua Avenue. This Resort not only offers first class services in a grand setting, but is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary with special events throughout the year.

A long history of blended cultures has been embraced by modern Hawaii and dictates a special kindness, hospitality, and respect for the traditions of the islands. Luau's and hula dancers fill the evenings with festive rituals. Creation - A Polynesian Odyssey, a stage presentation at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel, tells the tale of Polynesian voyagers and the history of Hawaii. Or, eco-tours to sacred sites take you beyond the surfing, beaches, and water sports to bring to life Oahu's legends and history. Both entertaining and informative, guides from Mauka Makai Excursions explain the advanced society that once inhabited the islands and their mythological beliefs.
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