Mythical and Legendary.
Le Byblos Saint-Tropez, France.

Legendary in its history the glamorous Byblos pool is a paradise.

The handsome bar at B glows in the evening as guest dine in plush dining room.

The eclectic décor is awash with vibrant flourishes.
The colors of the Mediterranean adorn the exterior of the guest quarters.

Story by Theresa Catena
Photography by Paul Aizaga

If your sole mission is to seek out and embrace your joie de vie, then pop open a bottle of champagne and journey to Le Byblos in Saint-Tropez, where the sublime notion of luxury-as-you-like-it will lift your spirits to unexplored heights. As Saint-Tropez remains a legendary destination for globetrotting pleasure seekers, it’s no surprise that the equally celebrated Byblos is situated in the center of this breezy sea- and beach-worshiping community. A journey through the resort’s realm begins at its core, where a Mediterranean-style village is fashioned with hacienda-style buildings awash in matte hues of ochre, firebrick, and salmon. Adorned with terracotta-tiled roof tops and colorful wood shutters, the haciendas contain individually designed guest rooms that overlook the glistening pool, while a surrounding grey cobblestone pathway leads the way to many treasures, each of which is suffused with dense green foliage and burgeoning flowers. Refreshingly, the retreat is unassuming and unpretentious – and while the list of hotels that claim to provide luxury and indulgence is likely limitless, Le Byblos truly walks the walk.

The best example of this is the new restaurant B, which succinctly translates to “be___,” where you fill in the blank to satisfy your heart’s desire. Want breakfast by the pool at 4:00pm? Absolument! Craving a late night candlelit dinner with new-found friends, long after the sun has set? Tout de suite! Like its philosophy, B is multi-faceted. The chic and loungey interior is enhanced by a cleverly designed bar that uses a high-tech, coppery finish to create a magical illumination when the rays of the setting sun strike its surface. Spilling outside the bar, guests sitting by the pool are served as well. On the intimate yet airy patio, an unforgettable view unfolds, revealing the nearby city center, old seaport, and the curvaceous landscape of Provence. B’s superb ambiance and delectable cuisine of petite plates make it the perfect locale for savoring and sharing with friends and family.

Life on your terms continues at the recently opened Byblos Spa by Sisley, where the pampering is couture and suited to your needs. Choose from such sensorial pleasures as a 90-minute aromatic massage infused with the local scents of Provence, or a Radiance treatment with ginseng that will leave your complexion aglow.

The gastronomic delights keep coming at Le Byblos, where the renowned Parisian restaurant Spoon by Alain Ducasse is also housed within its quiet walls. An array of open air and intimate spaces, it begins with a casual, outdoor Moroccan-style wrap-around patio that features low tables and deep lounge sofas, set aglow by tree-hanging lanterns. Inside, the intimate dining room is saturated with blood-red walls and tables, each one illuminated by a crystal alien-like pod fixture dripping from the ceiling. But have no fear, the only things being spawned are superior service and a tantalizing culinary experience. The menu currently combines Provençal flavors and North African spices, while the highly extensive wine list features not only an outstanding selection of indigenous Rosé wines, but also a vast variety of bottle sizes, including magnums and jeroboams.

Although pouty French screen-siren Brigitte Bardot was partially responsible for putting Saint-Tropez on the map, the legend of the Les Caves du Roy nightclub continues with its perpetual voyage through the disco era – à la Studio 54. Equally famous, DJ Jack E spins the hypnotic, energizing and sensual sounds of Saint-Tropez, rendering it obvious why this over-the-top party scene still holds the reigning title as one of the globe’s most famous party haunts.

For those jet-setters who still want more, Le Byblos introduces this year a distinct Perrier Jouet baroque coffret that contains the Salmanazar Belle Époque 1999, four crystal glasses and the exclusive-to-Byblos Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry set. Retailing for 100,000 €, there are only 10 available. Now that’s life the way you want it.