Ulusaba: On Safari in South Africa

Story by Ken Panton
Photography by David Lewis Taylor

Trekking through the African “bush” is unlike any other travel experience you may have had. The seasoned traveler, accustomed to that heady feeling of adventure while discovering new places, senses a fresh anticipatory rush here, an awe-inspiring but somehow calm sense of wonder with every step. Your experience in the African bush, under the watchful eye of a Ranger (your professional field guide), will stay with you long after you return home.

Our Ranger led us into the bush on daily walks and drove us to more remote areas replete with wildlife, while he and the tracker shared with us their extensive knowledge of animal behavior and the local ecology. One of the many exceptional experiences was looking out into the bush one night from our vehicle to see a herd of elephants surrounding us, illuminated by the bright light of a nearly full moon. While tracking down South Africa’s famed "big five" wildlife –lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo – we encountered other fascinating species of all sizes as well. We stopped at lookout points offering panoramic vistas for coffee and biscuits in the mornings, and at night we took a break for drinks and snacks. Key points of animal behavior were explained to us by our guide: everything from hunts, kills, and eating to mating. Here on safari, the order of Nature, that of predator and prey, is on full display everywhere you look. It’s all new, but somehow the grand scheme of this is familiar.

The beautiful landscape, the incredible wildlife, and the feeling of childlike anticipation at what might be seen next is truly a gift that you must experience to understand. Go on safari and take home memories that will last a lifetime.