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By Thom Storr

Less means Morr in Miami Beach these days as Jonathan Morr opens the doors to TOWNHOUSE and welcomes the fashion savvy hipster who knows how to save a hard earned ducket without compromising style and taste. Morr, the man behind NYC’s Jonathan Morr Espresso Bar (Soho), Republic (Union Sqr.), and Bond Street (Noho) and Miami Beach’s Blue Door at the Delano Hotel, has focused his innovative outlook on creating an affordable space that doesn’t discount on comfort and vibe at 20th Street and Collins Avenue.

Morr has enlisted the creative talent of India Mahdavi, the architect/interior designer who studied in Paris and NYC, to mold the mood of the 69 rooms at TOWNHOUSE. They have taken a 1930’s, six story building in the heart of Miami Beach and transformed it into a functional, comfortable space for travelers. Each room incorporates a minimum amount of furnishings, allowing for greater space and comfort. Mahdavi has done away with the superfluous and focused on the things that count today.... CD players, VCR’s, data-ports, mini-fridge’s, comfy, minimalist L-shaped sofa’s for the overnight guest.

The color scheme here is also set to sooth.... Each room features lot’s of winter whites and muted tones accented by beige, scarlet or baby blue throw rugs along with pomegranate red lamp. It comes together to create a clean, funky vibe worthy of photo shoot. TOWNHOUSES hallways are also an unexpected treat... built extra wide to accommodate benches for lounging and flipping through magazines and comic books while subtle music ranging from Jill Scott to Supreme Beings of Leisure is piped in.

TOWNHOUSE does not have a pool, it has a rooftop space equipped with lounge chairs, queen-sized waterbeds and surround sound stereo. The color scheme on the roof... cardinal red, TOWNHOUSES signature color. The centerpiece of TOWNHOUSE’s roof is the glow in the dark water tower.

Downstairs, South Beach's tastiest sushi is served in the Bond St. Lounge - a Miami version of Morr's successful Manhattan restaurant. Hot and cold appetizers are available as well, and on weekends DJ's serve up the latest vinyl delicacies.

The lobby is laid-back for Townhouse homies with complimentary laundry machines, tricycles and 2-person bicycles for cruising, and Parisian breakfast as well as coffee and tea!

If you are traveling in style, but don’t want to break the bank, look no further than TOWNHOUSE. Click here for more details.

Get to the TOWNHOUSE via Delta Airlines. Click here to book your flight.