Travel with Ease on Premium Scheduled Service by Tradewind Aviation

The Pilatus PC-12 in St. Barths

Our arrival in St. Barth with the short runway in view
The view of beautiful St. Barths on our island departure

Story by Ken Panton
Photography by David Lewis Taylor

Remember being at the mercy of the staid commuter airlines on excursions to picturesque Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, St. Barths, San Juan, St. Thomas, Antigua, Nevis, and other island paradises? Surely it’s hard to forget (or forgive) their aging planes, excessive baggage fees, and tepid service. For luxurious and ultra convenient travel, self-chartering your own plane seemed to be the only way around the commuter airline quandary. That is until Tradewind Aviation.

With the introduction of a fleet of new aircraft and scheduled service, luxurious island travel is accessible, dependable, and safer than ever.

Already with one of the highest repeat customer percentages in the industry, Tradewind's appeal surpasses their generous amenities. From fine leather seating and ample room for luggage, to complementary drinks and snacks and a high level of passenger service, Tradewind Aviation fulfills every need of today's traveler.

We booked our travel to San Juan on Delta and then connected on our Tradewind flight to St. Barth's. Transferring to the Tradewind gate was seamless, boarding was a breeze, and our baggage was stowed quickly. The pilot and co-pilot's warm greetings and direct safety instructions quickly dispelled any lingering apprehension we may have had aboard a small plane. After landing on the short runway of St. Barth's, the VIP treatment continued as the crew oversaw our baggage retrieval and directed us to the immigration control desk.

David Rohwer and Andy Arnold commanded our Tradewind's flight on the new Pilatus PC-12

Our return trip to San Juan resembled private air travel even more than the first leg of our journey. We flew surrounded by luxurious appointments on the Pilatus PC-12, a single-engine turbo prop passenger aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. Complete with a pressurized cabin, the Pilatus PC-12 can fly above the occasional stormy weather allowing for smoother travel and on-time flying. In San Juan a Tradewind representive walked us through customs and all the way to our connecting gate. We found Tradewind's standard extra service to be a wonderful completion to our brief VIP travel experience.

Whether your travels take you to Nantucket from the New York metro area, or in and out of San Juan to St. Barth's, Tradewind Aviation is setting the new standard of what a small airline should be.